New range of Bunded Fuel Tanks

A bunded fuel tank is like a tank within a tank and really the safest and most efficient way to store fuel in a remote location. At Best Bunding we have one of the largest ranges of bunded fuel tanks and can also custom manufacture to your requirements. 

Most of our tank range is manufactured in Australia and we can customise to meet site specific and mine site standards. We are known for our quality and durability. 

You don't need to have vehicles leave your premises for refueling and no need for extra cost to bund an external area. 

Double steel walls ensure extra safety and durability. 

Advantages of Self Bunded Fuel Tanks

  • 1000 to 110,000-litre volume or larger iif required
  • Highest safety levels for your staff and the environment
  • Conforms to Australian Standards
  • No need for expensive external bunding
  • No specialist engineering required. All self-contained.
  • Prevents spills.