Drip and Storage Trays

Our Drip and Storage Trays are ultra-tough, single piece, and all Australian-made. These are an excellent storage options for all size drums and containers for use throughout many industries. They are nestable for efficient transport and aim to help tidy and organise workshops and storage areas of any size.
Try our Mega Tray with a 270L capacity or the Maxi Tray with 250L capacity. The Medium Drip Tray has a 20L capacity and is ideal for use in workshops and around plant and machinery as a drip tray for tools and parts storage. Choose from 7 different types of bunding trays in our Best Bunding range.

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Why Best Bunding Bunding Trays?
✔ FAST DELIVERY – we have a large quantity of bunding trays ready for immediate dispatch.
✔ EXPERTISE AND EXPERIENCE – Best Bunding supplies bunding trays to some of the biggest high-risk sites in mining and manufacturing. Our people have excellent knowledge of your industry needs and you can expect a quick and informed response to any query.
✔ SAFETY – our safety equipment products comply with all AS Standards and are manufactured to withstand the toughest of conditions.
✔ INDUSTRY-BEST QUALITY –Best Bunding has partnered with world class manufacturer’s to bring you industry-best solutions. We only supply products that are manufactured by Australian and international ISO accredited suppliers which ensures consistent supply.

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