Drive Over Type Rigid Floor Bunding

Rigid Drive Over Bunding is perfect for creating a permanent bund in any High Traffic situation.  It is extremely durable and will not bend, dent, or sag in normal use conditions.

Quick and easy to setup, the Rigid Drive Over Bunding requires no concrete and can be driven over almost immediately. When used in conjuction with the Standard Type Rigid Bund, it is a very cost effective, permanent solution.  Installation Kit Included:  2 x Polyurethane Adhesive and 8 x Nylon Anchors per 1200 Length.

Ideal for chemical storage areas, bulk liquid warehousing, bunding around diesel oil tanks, and washdown bays.  

✔ Fire Resistant
✔ Coated galvanised steel 
✔ Hi-vis coating in safety yellow
✔ Available in standard size of 50mm high
✔ Reduced site time, simply seal to the floor with polyurethane sealant and masonry anchors

Unit: each

Size: 600mm W x 50mm H x 1200mm L



$357.50 + GST