Emergency Dangerous Goods Kit

Emergency Dangerous Goods Kit

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The content of our Dangerous Goods kit complies with requirements set out in the Australian Dangerous Goods Code and Work Cover relating to transporting dangerous chemicals. Our Kits comply with transport regulations for the safe transportation of Dangerous Goods products. It is "LEGISLATED" that vehicles must carry on board a "kit bag" to help the driver in the event of an incident 

- 1 x Hi-Vis Heavy Duty Kit Bag 
- 1 x Flashlight (Intrinsically Safe)AS 2380.7 Including Batteries 
- 1 x Coveralls Chemical Resistant 
- 1 x Positive Seal Goggles 
- 1 x "Scott" Respirator Breathing Apparatus including filters 
- 1 x Gloves Thermally Insulated 
- 1 x Gloves Chemical Resistant 
- 1 x Chemically Resistant Boot Covers 
- 1 x 500ml Bottle Saline Solution 
- 1 x 500ml Eye Wash Bottle

Dimensions: 58 x 35 x 35cm

Weight: 4kg