IBC Metal Spill Bund

IBC Metal Spill Bund

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The IBC Metal Spill Bund provides complete protection against costly and environmentally damaging chemical spills from leaking intermediate bulk containers (IBC). The baffled containment area allows the spill bin to be safely moved when full, minimising spillage.

• Suits storage and transport of most 1000L IBC’s in the market 
• Removable baffle and grid plate allows for stacking during transport and storage
• Drain plug fitted at front of spill bin to empty the containment area
• Fork pockets fitted for transport
• Steel fabricated, non-flammable unit
• Provides a spill capacity exceeding Australian Standards for ‘portable’ units
• Long life galvanised finish

Working Load Limit (WLL) 2500kg     

Spill Capacity 1250L 

Width 1456mm Depth 1456mm Height 831mm 

Unit Weight 195kg 

Fork Pocket Size 160 x 60mm Fork Pocket Centres 670mm