Oil Only Poly Pad - Meltblown

Oil Only Poly Pad - Meltblown

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Oil Only Meltblown Pads have been designed to rapidly absorb hydrocarbon-based spills. They are suited for both Marine and Land-based applications where oil and oil-based spills may occur.

These pads are sized to be quickly placed in the path of a spill or to wipe down any machinery that has oil on the surface. Being hydrophobic, (repel water) they will float on water and remove oils from the surface as well. White in colour they are easy to identify as an ‘Oil Only’Pad and are supplied in bales of 100

  • Fast-acting with high absorbency
  • White in colour – easy to identify as an Oil & Fuel Only Pad and saturation levels are clearly visible
  • Supplied in bales of 100
  • Hydrophobic (resists water) will float and remove oil from the water surface.
  • Fast wicking action

Designed for:

  • Marine & land based environments
  • Cleaning up hydrocarbons, oil and oil based fluids. (*These pads will not absorb water or water based liquids)
  • Wiping down parts, tools, components
  • Automotive industry
  • Marinas
  • Manufacturing industries
  • Warehouse
  • Workshops