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Best Solutions for Spill Containment - Best Bunding

Celebrating Wins: Best Bunding stays on top of the game by practising these 2022 business trends


COVID-19 has altered the way people connect with the environment and one another. From going all-digital to shifting to more sustainable operations, business paradigms have shifted immensely in the past two years, emphasising convenience (for consumers) and environmental solutions (for business owners).

As a business that thrives and excels amidst various challenges, Best Bunding continues to be future-ready by adapting to both consumer and business needs. 

Here are some examples:


Going digital

The rise of e-commerce has reached unprecedented levels in the past two years and digital transactions are more in-demand than ever before. Though challenging, Best Bunding takes this as an opportunity. Flexible bunding, bunded pallets, spill kits, and other bunding products are more challenging to procure online due to the nature of the business, but the brand exceeds expectations in this space. News sites like Digital Journal commend that 78% of the online reviews are positive.


High expectations of digital experiences

As more of the physical go digital, the demands for better and more seamless digital experiences are also on the rise. Competition is tough online, but Best Bunding assures its consumers that the transactions conducted on the site are smooth and secured. The brand also offers to beat any reasonable competitive offer of the same products.

Helps businesses comply with Australian environmental laws and regulations

The rise of ESG (Environment Social Governance) has become the latest business trend that more and more investors are looking into. Companies that take their environmental and social responsibilities seriously create more value for their staff, customers, communities, and the environment.  

Regulatory frameworks that can aid various environmental issues in carbon emission, biodiversity, and toxic waste are already implemented worldwide. Just in Australia, for example, different Australian Pollution Laws that involve air, water, and noise pollution are in place. Corporations can be penalised for up to $1M. Regular individuals can be fined for up to $250,000 and/or 7 years imprisonment, if leaks or spills happen in a manner that is likely to harm the environment.

Operating sustainably is good, so consider practising healthier wastewater disposal even if your business doesn’t deal with hazardous wastes. 

BestBunding is backed by more than 40 years of spill containment experience and 20 years of manufacturing experience, and has developed an innovative mixture of materials proven to be more flexible in applications. As the largest provider of spill equipment in Australia, Best Bunding has the fastest shipping and offers the most extensive high-quality product range in spill containment. The brand is also involved in implementing and developing the country’s Environment Protection Act (EPA), so if you’re looking for the best guys to do the job, Best Bunding would be your best bunding brand of choice. There is no company in spill with the same experience level and as strong a range. 

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