IBC Bunded Pallets

For drums that need to be frequently handled the IBC Bunded Pallets are ideal. When manual handling is required, this versatile solution can be configured to suit the layout of any workshop. Our simple connector kit allows the low profile bunded pallets to be easily joined for sufficient bund capacity utilising multiple drum storage.

Our MAXBund IBC Bunded Pallets are an excellent solution to minimising risk while storing IBCs on site. All MAXBund Bunded Palets are made in Australia from virgin UV stable Poly.

All of our Bunded Pallets have an engineered certified SWL, and fully comply with relevant regulations for bund capacity.

Our range of IBC bunded pallets includes outdoor covers and dispensing trays. The MAXBund Metal Bunds such as the Single IBC Bund – Galvanised Metal are designed for harsh environments and storage of flammable liquids specifically. Our Single IBC Bunded Pallet and Double IBC Bunded Pallet are fully compliant and built tough so you can rest assured they will be around for years to come.

Why IBC Bunded Pallets?

✔ FAST DELIVERY – we have a large quantity of IBC bunded pallets ready for immediate dispatch.

✔ EXPERTISE AND EXPERIENCE – Bestbunding supplies IBC bunded pallets to some of the biggest high-risk sites in mining and manufacturing. Our people have excellent knowledge of your industry needs and you can expect a quick and informed response to any query.

✔ SAFETY – our safety equipment products comply with all AS Standards and are manufactured to withstand the toughest of conditions.

✔ INDUSTRY-BEST QUALITY – Bestbunding has partnered with world class manufacturer’s to bring you industry-best solutions. We only supply products that are manufactured by Australian and international ISO accredited suppliers which ensures consistent supply.

Order online. We deliver IBC bunded pallets anywhere, fast. No site too remote.

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