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Drum Bunded Pallets

Our drum spill containment pallets are made of heavy-duty materials and are certified by an accredited laboratory for chemical resistance and mechanical durability. They feature sumps designed to collect spills or leaks, ensuring that hazardous liquids or materials are contained and prevented from spreading.

They are engineered to meet your operational and compliance requirements, ensuring the health and safety of your workers, the general public, and the environment. With our bunded spill pallets, you can conduct your business with peace of mind knowing your facility has the utmost protection. 

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Which drum bunded pallet should you choose?

We offer a variety of drum bunded pallets that are tailored to meet your specific needs.
Whatever your requirements are - we've got you covered.

There are different ways we can divide our drum bunded pallets and make it easier for you to understand which one suits you best.

The first division is by material

1. Polyurethane (Poly) Bunded Pallet

Polyurethane bunded pallets are made of strong and flexible chemical-resistant material.

Ideal for: Indoorsettings where it needs to withstand harsh acids, oils, and other chemicals

2. Metal Bunded Pallet

Metal bunded pallets are made of steel or other durable, corrosion-resistant metals.

Ideal for:Handling heavy drums or containers inoutdoorsettings that are exposed to the elements such as construction sites or oil rigs

3. PVC Spill Bund

Made of PVC fabric or vinyl, a PVC spill bund is flexible and lightweight, used

  • for temporary storage or transport of smaller drums or containers
  • in emergency spill situations
  • as a more affordable alternative to permanent bunding solutions

Ideal for: Outdoor settings where quick and easy spill solutions are needed, such as construction sites or remote areas


Not suitable for: Long-term or heavy-duty use


When choosing between Polyurethane, Metal, and PVC bunded pallets, consider the environment they would be exposed to and the specific needs of your facility.

If you will handle hazardous substances indoors, choose polyurethane bunded pallets. But if you have heavy containers outdoors, you need metal bunded pallets as they are more durable and resistant to corrosion.

On the other hand, If you require a cost-effective and quick spill solution for outdoor use, it is recommended to choose a PVC spill bund instead of a more expensive metal one.

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Besides their type of material, spill containment pallets can also be dividedby profile type:

1. High Profile Bunded Pallet 

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High profile bunded pallets offer a larger containment capacity, making them an ideal choice for situations where there is a higher risk of spills or leaks, or for larger containers that require more space. For:

  • Acids such as hydrochloric acid, sulfuric acid, and nitric acid
  • Caustic substances such as sodium hydroxide and potassium hydroxide
  • Petroleum products such as gasoline, diesel fuel, and motor oil
  • Industrial chemicals such as formaldehyde and methanol

In our assortment we have metal and poly high profile pallets.

2. Low Profile Poly Bunded Pallet

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Low profile bunded pallets are a more compact option that offers a smaller containment capacity, making them a better choice for situations where there is a lower risk of spills or leaks, or for smaller containers that require less space.

Chemicals such as:

  • Water-based substances such as paints and coatings
  • Agricultural chemicals such as pesticides and herbicides
  • Solvents such as acetone and ethanol
  • Cleaning products such as bleach and ammonia

Are better suited for low profile bunded pallets.

They are Ideal for:

  • laboratories
  • small workshops or garages
  • other facilities with limited ceiling height or narrow aisles

In our assortment we have pvc and poly low profile pallets.

Thank you for taking the time to learn more about our bunded pallets. We believe that you now have the knowledge to make an informed decision about which pallet is best for your needs. 

To help you find the perfect product, we've included filters in our product collection that allow you to sort by the criteria you've learned.

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Bunded spill containment pallets are for any individuals, industries, businesses, or organisations that handle, transport, and store drums, barrels, or containers containing hazardous substances, materials, or liquids. Some industries are

  • Chemical manufacturing and distribution
  • Oil and gas exploration and production
  • Transportation and logistics
  • Construction and mining
  • Waste management and recycling
  • Pharmaceutical and healthcare facilities
  • Food and beverage production
  • Agriculture and farming

Aside from commercial and industrial settings, drum bund spill pallets may also be used by emergency responders and government agencies that handle hazardous substances and materials in their work.

Benefits of Bunded Pallets

Safety and Risk Reduction

Protect your workers and reduce the risk of slip-and-fall accidents, fires, and exposure to hazardous substances by preventing spills, drips, and leaks.

Cost Savings

Avoid costly and time-consuming cleanups, disposals, and other consequences by containing spills and preventing them from spreading.

Environmental Protection

Help protect the environment by preventing hazardous substances and materials from contaminating the ground or waterways.

Compliance With Regulations

Comply with legal requirements of properly containing hazardous substances. Avoid fines for non-compliance and have a drum bunded spill pallet that can contain at least 110% of the volume of the largest container in it.


What types of liquids can be stored in a drum bunded spill pallet?

Drum bunded spill pallets can store drums, barrels, or containers containing hazardous liquids, substances, and materials. These include oils, fuels, chemicals, and other substances that may spill or leak. However, the type of substance that a drum spill pallet can store depends on the pallet’s material. Choose drum bunded pallets made of material that is compatible with the type of liquid you will store or transport.

How do I choose the right size of drum bunded spill pallet?

Consider the size and number of drums, barrels, or containers that will be stored when choosing a drum bunded spill pallet. It should have enough space to hold all of the containers while having room for potential spills, drips, or leaks. Choose a bunded pallet that has the sump capacity to handle the maximum volume of liquid that will be stored. Australian regulations require that the drum bunded spill pallet can contain at least 110% of the volume of the largest container in it.

Can drum bunded spill pallets be used outdoors?

There are types of drum bunded spill pallets that can be used outdoors. Choose drum spill containment pallets that are made of UV-stabilised materials that can withstand exposure to sunlight and other weather elements. They must also have a higher sump capacity in case rainwater or other runoff accumulates in the bunded area.

What are the consequences of non-compliance with Australian regulations regarding drum bunded spill pallets?

If you found out which drum bunded spill pallet your facility requires

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