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Flexible Floor Bunding Can Make the Lives of Business Owners Easier

Flexible Floor Bunding Can Make the Lives of Business Owners Easier


As a business owner, you have a responsibility to be aware of risks that can create harm to your employees or the environment. 

If your business deals with hazardous chemicals, floor bunding can ensure compliance with regulations to avoid accidents and fines. 

What is Flexible Floor Bunding?

Flexible Floor Bunding | Best Bunding

 Apply bunding to ensure toxic substances and hazardous chemicals are safely contained in a specific area. Flexible floor bunding is most often utilised in areas that have high volume foot and vehicle traffic. It is made from rubber, foam, and/or PVC to withstand heavy weight without getting torn or deformed. Its flexibility and durability make it ideal for difficult areas.

Tribund flexible bunding

Tribund flexible bunding | Best Bunding

What sets tribund flexible bunds apart is the inner memory foam that allows it to return to its original shape immediately after being driven over. Its heavy-duty PVC guarantees its durability against heavier weights. It can also be the more cost-effective variation of the flexible drive over bunding.

Flexible drive over bunding

Flexible drive over bunding | Best Bunding

Designed to withstand low volume forklifts and trucks, this flexible bunding solution is Constructed with HF welded Heavy Duty 900gsm PVC, encasing high-quality 100% memory foam. The drive-over floor bunding is best for applications where non-aggressive liquids are being stored.

Best Bunding’s wide selection of floor bunding 

Best Bunding is ranked Australia’s #1 floor bunding brand by reputable news sites like MarketWatch, Digital Journal, and NBC for a reason - other than the variety of flexible bunding products, they are also proven effective, durable, and convenient to use. They come at sensible prices in line with commercial budget requirements.

To ensure utmost customer satisfaction, our brand’s bunding has also been certified by an accredited laboratory for chemical resistance and mechanical durability and follows strict compliance with the Protection of the Environment Operations Act 1997 (NSW).

Check out our wide range of bunding products and containment facilities that would best suit your business needs.

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