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Instant Facts: Things You Need to Know About Bunded Pallets

Instant Facts: Things You Need to Know About Bunded Pallets


A clean and safe working environment is vital for all business owners. This can come in various forms like cleanliness, sanitation, and prevention of hazardous spills. If the nature of your business deals with storing or transporting products such as oils and chemicals, having bunded pallets can keep the surrounding work areas safe in case emergency spills occur.

What are bunded pallets?

Also known as anti-spill pallets, containment pallets, or portable bunding, bunded pallets are intended to hold drums or IBCs carrying hazardous liquids. These cost-effective and flexible spill control products are commonly used for safe storage or transport so that in cases of spillage, the sump of the spill pallet can capture the liquids until it's possible to do proper disposal.

Why are chemical bund pallets needed? 

There are different ways to store chemicals and oils. One of them is having bunded containers or drums to avoid leaks and prevent close contact with or contamination from the hazardous chemicals. Bunded pallets are also beneficial in emergency spill cases as they make it much easier and quicker to clean up. With these spills more contained in the pallets' sumps, the clean-up process is less tedious and often without any further need for additional spillage kits for chemicals or specialised equipment. 

Most of all, having bunded pallets makes businesses function in compliance with safety regulations, protocols, and laws.

When to use bunded pallets for IBC?

IBC bund pallets are used to prevent leaks and spills from intermediate bulk containers. These industrial-grade equipment are commonly used to handle, transport, and store liquid substances.

It's best to consider the types of chemicals stored first to know which one would suit your needs. For instance, plastic IBC bunds are recommended for corrosive chemicals, while steel IBC bunds are ideal for highly flammable liquids. 

Intermediate bulk containers are also cubic. This makes them safe to stack on IBC bund pallets and allows more effortless loading and unloading using a forklift or pallet jack.

When to use drum bunded pallets?

Drum bunded pallets are usually for indoor and outdoor containment of smaller bunded pallet capacity, usually up to 220 litres of volume, compared to the IBC's volume limit of up to 1,000 litres. They can also have multiple uses, and they can be cleaned and restored for repeated use.

Where to buy bunded pallets in Australia?

BestBunding has some of the most cost-effective deals for bunded pallets and other spill containment solutions. Made in compliance with Australian standards and guaranteed UV-stable, and field-tested, these bunded pallets are surely worth the investment.
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