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Bunding and Spill Containment

Now’s the time to make your business operations more environmentally friendly


Tip: one way to ensure this is to have bunding and spill containment equipment even if your business doesn’t deal with hazardous wastes

The various environmental laws in Australia all have one common goal: to encourage effective waste management and prevent any further lasting damage to ecosystems and the environment. These laws help regulate business operations in industries that significantly affect the environment so that the current generations won’t suffer the irreversible consequences of climate change and future generations will still get to live in a healthier world.

Shifting to be more environmentally friendly can start in small ways. For example, as a business owner, you can start by reducing the use of any single-use items or disposable products within your operations to prevent excessive solid wastes piling up in landfills. You can also start investing in the right solutions and equipment that can help in maintaining cleanliness and ensuring proper waste disposals.

Consider using bunding and spill containment equipment

Flexible floor bunding, wash mats for cars and trucks, and bunded pallets are just some of the equipment that you might want to keep around, even if your business doesn’t deal with hazardous wastes. Liquid containment is beneficial even for simple tasks like washing your car as it can prevent accidental slips, wastewater runoffs, and contamination of nearby ecosystems and water supplies.

Types of bunding products and liquid containment equipment you can start with

  • Collapsible bunds: these are cost-effective and portable, making it easy for you to move it from one location to another. This can serve as temporary storage for liquids and chemicals whilst also containing potential spills and leaks. (You can check out PVC spill bunds for a simpler version of this, too!)
  • Wash mats for cars: you can even use this right at home! Made from heavy-duty PVC with drive-over edges, these are flexible, durable, and portable, making them convenient for use.
  • Bunded pallets: also known as bunded trays, these ensure workplace safety and environmental protection. Tanks or drums can be placed on top of them so that in case leaks or spills happen, the liquids will pool into the container for easier and safer disposal.

Note: it’s always best to acquire your equipment from trusted sources. Best Bunding is the place to get bunded pallets in Australia, as raved about by top news sites like MarketWatch, Business Insider, and Fox. 

With the new generation of consumers penetrating the market, their influence slowly but surely affects purchasing behaviours and shifting business operations. Millennials and Gen Zs tend to be more inclined towards brands that are more environmentally and socially conscious, making more investors consider businesses that are ESG (Environment Social Governance) -compliant. If you want to hop on this trend that affects consumers, business owners, and investors alike, now’s the time to be more conscious about how your business operations can affect the environment.
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