Drum Rack and Stack Unit

Drum Rack and Stack Unit

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Product Description

This Dispensing Unit is designed to accommodate up to 4 x 205 Litre drums.  With a huge bund capacity of 400 Litre, you have assurance that spills, leaks and drips will be safely contained.  The Base Unit safely stores 2 x 205 L drums horizontally and with the cradle unit added, another 2 x 205 L drums can be stored on top.  Made from tough, UV resistant polyurethane, it will handle most site conditions. 

Available Sizes

Drum Rack and Stack - Base Unit

Dimensions: 1350 x 1375 x 635mm

Weight: 46kg 

Drum Rack and Stack - Cradle Unit

Dimensions: 940 x 1375 x 390mm

Weight: 15kg