Bund Wall Specifications

Bunding specifications should be determined on a site-by-site basis. Facilities that are required to have bunded areas include:

- electrical transformers having oil and/or PCBs
- storage facilities for chemicals and petroleum products
- milk processing plants, wineries and breweries

- transport facilities used to transfer stored liquids
- temporary or permanent drum storage areas
- processing areas
- any other facilities that store substances other than water or uncontaminated storm water
- any other locations where spills are common, including transfer points, workshops, factories, service stations, wash bays, and other areas in which a material is transferred from its container.

The following are the several different types of bunds:

 There are general rules that should be followed when designing and constructing bunds but the following two diagrams show many of the points that should be incorporated into bund design. 

           constructing bunds