Floor Bunding & Bunded Flooring

Bestbunding patented floor bunding is a superior product designed to contain liquids and meet your environmental compliance regulations. Bestbunding's floor bunding product is specifically designed to handle extensive vehicle movements - even heavy vehicles, such as trucks. Our engineers took several years to perfect the design and ensure it was rugged and tough enough to endure Australian conditions. It creates a perfect barrier for wash-bays, chemical storage areas and water diversion systems.

Furthermore, Bestbunding's floor bunding product is easily installed and can be supplied to our customer's particular specifications.

Even unusual specifications are not a problem as Bestbunding's floor bunding product can be purchased in multiple sections and then seamlessly joined for a perfect, water tight seal and containment.

Bestbunding's floor bunding product is the original, cheapest and most durable flexible containment bund in the market. 

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Floor Bunding Protecting Chemicals