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Best Bunding is the most advanced, reliable and cost effective spill containment barrier available. Created from a proprietary blend of high quality rubber and PVC and certified as resistant to liquid spills including industrial chemicals, lubricating oils and fuels. Unlike other bunds, Best Bunding is completely trafficable by pedestrians, vehicles and equipment. Best Bunding is produced in high visibility colours to ensure awareness of the bunded area and to mitigate trip hazards.

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Environmental Legislation and Compliance

Compliance with environmental legislation such as the Protection of the Environment Operations Act 1997 (NSW) requires that preventative measures must be taken to prevent pollution when storing and handling liquid substances in the form of a properly maintained and operated bunded area.  Failing to do so could result in substantial on-the-spot fines, prevention notice fees and prosecution.  Similar legislation and penalties apply across all Australian states and territories.

Examples of Best Bunding in use
  • Automotive & aviation: around oil & fuel storage areas, paint booths, etc
  • Property & engineering: an economical alternative to masonry bunds around plant & equipment
  • Manufacturing: around equipment where there is a possibility of fluid leakage
  • Mining and constructions sites: vehicle and equipment wash bays
  • Dry-cleaning: around dry-cleaning and washing machines
  • Marine: slipways and dry docks where there is a risk of pollution from chemicals and paints

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