Guidelines for Ventilation of Bunded Chemicals

Generally, chemicals should be placed in a cool, dry space away from direct sunlight or any source of possible heat or ignition. Temperature often affects chemicals and increases possible vapor emissions.

For flammable chemicals stored in a confined space, the ventilation system should be directed to the outside atmosphere and away from sources of heat or ignition and where people may be likely to stay.

Wherever possible, steel piping is recommended for ventilation ducting of flammable chemicals as it can withstand high temperatures from a possible fire.

It is also a general practice to leave room for emergency fire response around a bunded area as it also leaves room for over all ventilation of a bunded area.

To summarize, it is recommended to have a bunding that is not too high as to obstruct emergency fire response and also should provide enough space for the stored chemicals to be properly ventilated.

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