Spill Prevention Methods

Spills can happen during a substance's storage, it's transfer or transport, or during use as leaks.

Here are a few tips in preventing actual spills:

  • substances should be stored on a strong shelf and aptly designed storage areas that minimize breakage and tipping
  • larger containers should be stored closer to the floor
  • containers on shelves should be placed further away from the edge to prevent incidents of falling
  • storage shelves with lips also reduce the danger of falling
  • regular inspection for integrity of the containers should be done
  • usage of carts in transporting or moving containers
  • using pumps in transferring substances from a container to another
  • providing spill containment to capture any leaks. 
  • reducing clutter and unnecessary materials
  • eliminating trip hazards and other obstructions in the workplace
  • preparing all necessary equipment before starting work
  • check for any holes or leaks for transfer equipment like hoses, pipes, and valves