What are the dangers posed by an oil spill?

Most of us assume that only large-scale oil spills are hazardous. But considering the risks involved, even minor spills in the workplace produce dangerous situations that employees should know. Not being prepared in the event of such an incident could spell disaster in properly containing the spill.

Employees risk physical injuries. Most work related injuries are caused by slip and fall accidents. It is important that steps must be taken to avoid such incidents and create small steps in making a safe workplace.

Employees should be aware of the designated areas for storage of oil and other substances. Knowledge alone creates consciousness and awareness. Placing absorbent mats and pads underneath oil barrels to soak any spilled oil can be a simple preventive measure.

Oil should be contained or stored in areas that are as far as possible from any sources of heat or any chance of catching fire. Industrial grade barrels should also be used in storing oil.

There is also the danger of polluting nearby water sources in the event of an oil spill. Once a spill occurs, any nearby stormwater drain should be covered to avoid contamination to nearby water sources. Otherwise, there is the risk of violation fines.

Again, these are only a few of the hazards posed by oil or chemical spills. Prevention and preparedness goes a long way to avoid costly fines.

It is but only logical to make sure that storage areas are permanently bunded or walled-off in case of such spills. Bestbunding offers the best and most affordable spill containment solution. Try it now and save on costly fines and enjoy a more worry-free and safe working environment.