What to do in case of a spill

Whenever there is a spill, tell your colleagues or the safety team no matter how small or insignificant the spill appears. In assessing a spill's risks and to obtain advice on cleanup procedures, it always helps to solicit the advice of others. Communication is essential in every situation. A small spill can result in a harmful exposure to you or others or can result in hazards that are not obvious; therefore, notification of regulatory officials may be required.

The following steps should be taken in an event of a spill: 

  1. prevent the spread of the substance
  2. control the spread of the substance or liquid. Bestbunding offers the cheapest and most effective spill containment in the market.
  3. absorb the liquid or substance. Bestbunding also offers spill kits to address immediate emergency spills. Contact our friendly operator for more information and assistance.
  4. collect and contain residues
  5. dispose of the wastes properly
  6. decontaminate the area and the affected equipment.