Why Bestbunding is the best bunding in the market

Bestbunding is hands down the best bunding in the market. Why you say?


Resiliency and Flexibility.
Bestbunding has been manufacturing for 20 years and has developed an innovative mixture of materials proven to be more resilient and flexible in applications which in turn provides ease of installation and efficiency of use.


Bestbunding's engineers have developed our bunding to make up for the weak points and poor design of our competitors.


*competitor shown as yellow bund and Bestbunding in orange


Easier Installation.
Bestbunding's innovative design allows the user to save on costs in adhesive and more importantly in installation time. This is primarily due to reducing the adhesive slots from 4 to 3.


*Bestbunding in orange and competitor in the right


Incredible Protection.
Bestbunding flexi-bund provides amazing protection from water, oil, grease, and chemicals. We only use the best bonding agents in the market as this is even used for sealing submarine components.
For unbeatable protection and prevention from spills and leaks, call Bestbunding now.