Aluminum Floor Bund

Product Description:

Australias toughest, most versatile drive-over Aluminum Floor Bund. 

✔ Hi-Vis Yellow Powder Coating available - please enquire for costings. 

Application Examples:
Industrial areas with heavy duty machinery
High frequency traffic areas
Class 3 Flammable liquid storage areas
Front of warehouses, doorways and access points
Wash bays

Fire Resistant
Aluminum Floor Bunding is a unique product ideal for flammable liquid containment in accordance with safety legislation AS 1940-2004.  A spillage containment compound shall be sufficiently impervious to retain spillage and to enable recovery of any such spillage. 
The compound shall be chemically resistant and fire resistant as far as is necessary to fulfill it locations" 
Aluminum is non-magnetic and non-sparking, therefore suitable where explosive vapour mixtures are present. 

The Aluminum Floor Bund is a solid and robust bund, made from marine grade 6005T65 extruded aluminum, withstands frequent and heavy traffic over a long period of time.  The aluminum bund can carry 100 tonne and is suitable for heavy vehicles such as Class 2 RAV B-Doubles and heavy duty container forklifts. 

The grooves on the Aluminum Floor Bunding, provide traction as the vehicle passes over the low profile bund.  The 33mm height provides bunding capacity while the profile maximizes clearance and allows easy vehicle passage with minimal driver discomfort.

Unit: 1 x Length Including Fixings

Size: 1200mm L x 185mm W x 33mm H

Weight: 7 Kg

Material: Aluminum

$254.08 + GST