Flexible Bunding (5m)

(50mW x 500mmL x 10mmH) 


Best Bunding is sold in 5m lengths and produced in hi-vis colours to mitigate trip hazards. 5cm high by 10.5cm wide.

Our flexible bunding has been certified by an accredited laboratory for chemical resistance and mechanical durability.

We do this to ensure it meets your operational and compliance requirements.

This bunding product is moulded from a proprietary blend of rubber and PVC to provide maximum barrier protection. Spill management has never been easier.

Ideal for:

  • Chemical Spill Containment
  • Environmental Compliance
  • Wash Bays
  • Fluid Leakage
  • Oil and Paint Spill Control

Best Bunding is designed to be permanently adhered to the ground using an elastic sealant/adhesive.  For hassle free "Do it Yourself" installation we recommend that you purchase an accompanying installation kit which includes everything you will need to professionally install up to 10 meters of Best Bunding. Installation Instructions can be viewed here.

Once properly installed, bunding can be driven over by heavy vehicles with no deformity or loss of adhesion.

Best Bunding is produced in high visibility colours to ensure awareness of the bunded area and to mitigate trip hazards.

Best Bunding is sold in 5m increments (up to 10m continuous lengths) and can be easily cut to any installation.  Best Bunding dimensions are 5 cm high by 10.5 cm wide.

We also sell Easy Kit Bunding Packages that include an installation kit with every 10 metres of bunding purchased.

Totally resilient.
Fully  compliant.

Still the cheapest and best quality bunding on the market

If you can find a cheaper price, we'd like to know about it!

$59.95 /m +GST Sold in 5m lengths
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$299.75 + GST