Oil Water Separator VGS 1500 Litre Per Hour Skid Mounted System

Oil Water Separator VGS 1500 Litre Per Hour Skid Mounted System

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The Domino VGS-NG 1500S is a complete Skid Mounted, plug and play, 1500 litre per/hr system designed to provide on-site pre-treatment of hydrocarbon wastewater and has been further developed to continuously and effectively remove hydrocarbons from wastewater.

This New Generation System has a host of high-performance features including a fully programmable weatherproof control system with a visual alarm.

Acclaimed by major water authorities around the world as "the best technology of its kind", the Domino VGS can be used as a stand-alone separator or to supplement the performance of existing systems. Because it stays clean it maintains its performance!

Length 1.8m x Width 1.2m x  Height 1.6m  Weight 480kg

Approved by Water Authorities around Australia.


 304 stainless steel 1500lph separator

 cone pack assembly

 Stainless steel sludge valve

 Vent Cowells fitted

 Labels

 Stainless steel control panel stand 

 240V control panel with high level alarm

 2 x 10m float switches

 Galvanized pump base

 240V 1500lph helical rotor pump

 Checker plate galvanized 1.2m x 1.8m skid

 All internal plumbing and electrical complete