Oil Water Separator VGS 700 Litre Per Hour (Base Model)

Oil Water Separator VGS 700 Litre Per Hour (Base Model)

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The Domino VGS 700 is an oil/water separator is designed to efficiently remove oil, grease and suspended solids from wastewater. The Domino VGS operates by controlling fluid velocity and pressure. These forces gently separate non-emulsified impurities from water by allowing solid matter to fall into a sludge retaining area at the bottom of the vessel and oil droplets and suspended solids to rise to the top of the vessel. The collected matter then drains off into a waste tank.

Accepted as the best technology of its kind, the Domino VGS can be used as a stand-alone separator or to supplement the performance of existing systems. Because it stays clean it maintains its performance!

Approved by Water Authorities around Australia.


 304 stainless steel 700lph separator

 Stainless steel cone pack assembly

 Stainless steel sludge valve

 Labels


Height: 918mm

Diameter: 355mm

Weight: 60kg