Oil Water Separator VGS 700 Litre Per Hour Skid Mounted Version

Oil Water Separator VGS 700 Litre Per Hour Skid Mounted Version

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The Domino VGS 700S LPH Separator is for businesses that use or discharge oils (hydrocarbons) generate large amounts of trade waste containing Oil & Grease, suspended solids plus numerous other pollutants.

Under current Australian water authority policies, automotive workshops, vehicle wash operators and many other industries are required to install on site pre-treatment devices to improve the quality of process-water being discharged into the sewer.

The Domino VGS 700S is a complete Skid Mounted, plug and play, 700L per/hr, oil/water separator developed to effectively remove free oil, grease and suspended solids from water.

The Domino VGS operates by ingenious control of both fluid velocity and pressure.

These forces gently coax non-emulsified impurities from water by allowing high density contaminants to fall into a sludge retaining area at the bottom of the vessel and oil droplets and low density suspended solids to rise to the top of the vessel. The oil and suspended solids them drain into a waste tank.

Length 1.2m x Width 1.2m x  Height 2.1m  including frame ( no frame sides would be 1.2m high) Weight 300kg

Approved by Water Authorities around Australia.


 304 stainless steel 700lph separator

 Stainless steel cone pack assembly

 Stainless steel sludge valve

 Labels

 Stainless steel control panel stand

 240V control panel with high level alarm

 2 x 10m float switches

 20lt oil collection drum

 Galvanized pump base

 240V 700lph helical rotor pump

 Checker plate galvanized 1.2m x 1.2m skid

 All internal plumbing and electrical complete