Spill Bund Pump (240 Volt)

Spill Bund Pump (240 Volt)

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Designed for:

  • Pumping out wash down water out of a Spill Bund
  • Pumping liquid into a storage container from the temporary bund
  • Can pump water from a temporary bund through an Oil & Water Separator Filter Bag or separator unit holding tank
  • Pump out a pallet bund, sumps or boat bilges
  • Drainage of flat surfaces where a sump is not
  • available


Drains water down to a minimum water level of 1mm

  • Flow-Thru design
  • Multi Directional Hose Coupling
  • Rubber lined base
  • 240V power
  • Discharge Bore 25mm
  • Dry Weight 12kg
  • Motor Output 0.48kw
  • Phase: Single
  • Starting Method: Capacitor Run
  • Dimensions: 316 x 196mm